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Minerals and our Bodies

Energizing Minerals

“All systems in the human being, from the atomic to the molecular level, are constantly in motion-creating resonance. This resonance is important to understanding how subtle energy directs and maintains health and wellness in the human being…disturbances in the coherence of energy patterns are indications of disease and aging” (Ross, 2019).

“Our cells are specialized to conduct electrical currents. Electricity is required for the nervous system to send signals throughout the body and to the brain, making it possible for us to move, think and feel”(Plante, 2016).

Electricity is essential for our bodies communication network, cell regulation, and many other critical processes. All living organisms need to maintain homeostasis (balance). When our bodies become out of balance safety mechanisms are activated in an attempt to return to a balanced state and if that state is not regained then there are breakdowns which lead to illnesses. 

Most of us don’t think twice about walking into our house and flipping on light switches, turning on the tv, charging our phones, etc. Our homes have electricity coursing through them all the time, even when we think we’ve turned everything off. What allows for this? It’s the miles of electric wire, fuse boxes, and supply. When one of those has an issue how well does the electricity in our homes flow? Not very well.

Our bodies are similar to this. We need the miles of electric wire, the fuse boxes, and the energy supply. Our blood and nervous system make up the miles of wire. Homeostasis makes up our fuse boxes. The food we eat makes up the supply. If one of those is insufficient then we will not be doing so well. Minerals help conduct the electricity generated and passed along by our food and blood/nervous systems. Trying to function without proper amounts of minerals is like leaving the miles of electric wire unconnected throughout our house. You flip the switch and your broken, damaged, or unconnected wires may cause a house fire.

One of the best ways to ensure we are getting the vital minerals that are needed for a properly functioning body is with supplements. Ambaya Gold products include nutritional solutions for physical, mental, beauty, oral and animal care. All of Ambaya Gold’s Liquid Nutritional Solutions contain a Fulvic-Humic delivery system.The perfect key for optimal bio-absorption & balance; delivering a minimum OF 78 naturally-occurring trace minerals, 17 amino acids and the highest natural transfer factor of immunity. The liquid Platinum Group Elements, with their super-conductive properties, provide the subtle electrical charge for cellular nutrition.They keep you nourished, energized and focused throughout the day.They are appropriate for humans and animals of all ages. 


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