Blog #5: Minerals and our Bodies

Minerals and our Immune System

What a time we find ourselves in. Immunity is of the utmost importance and the key to having a healthy and happy life. When we feel good, have the energy to go do the things we want, then we are raising the joy we can experience. However, we tend to live in an environment that makes it difficult to maintain our health. Our foods are highly processed, our lives are red-lined with go go go, our bodies are overwhelmed with inflammation, our immune systems are constantly under attack. We have a transient society that roams the world bringing viruses and disease to all corners of the earth. We need to support our natural defense system with exercise, clean food, and proper supplementation.

Immune immune immune, we all hear those words and we think we know what it means. But, what is our immune system? What part of our bodies are truly involved in our immune systems. The answer may seem complex but it really isn’t. Our immune system is our whole body. Our bodies want to be in balance and if one part of it is out of balance then our immune system may be compromised. Our bodies are constantly being thrown off balance by stress, worry, work, family, illness, and simply life, life keeps us off balance. To keep our bodies balanced we need to provide it with all the nutrients it needs. By having proper nutrition our bodies have the fuel to make the energy it needs.

“The immune system, which is integrated into all physiological systems, protects the body against infections and other external and internal insults by utilizing three distinct layers, depending on the nature of the threat: physical (e.g., skin, epithelial lining of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts) and biochemical barriers (e.g., secretions, mucus, and gastric acid), numerous different immune cells (e.g., granulocytes, CD4 or CD8 T and B cells), and antibodies (i.e., immunoglobulins) (Maggini, 2018).

One of the best ways to ensure we are getting the vital minerals that are needed for a properly functioning body is with supplements. Ambaya Gold products include nutritional solutions for physical, mental, beauty, oral and animal care. All of Ambaya Gold’s Liquid Nutritional Solutions contain a Fulvic-Humic delivery system.The perfect key for optimal bio-absorption & balance; delivering a minimum OF 78 naturally-occurring trace minerals,17 amino acids and the highest natural transfer factor of immunity. The liquid Platinum Group Elements, with their super-conductive properties, provide the subtle electrical charge for cellular nutrition. They keep you nourished, energized and focused throughout the day.They are appropriate for humans and animals of all ages.


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